Jaded Media

Jaded Media is a collective of freelance artists who specialize in entertainment. We also possess a strong background with clients in various other unrelated industries. With our vast experience in entertainment and graphic design, we have served a wide range of clients including Infinity Features, Triton Films, Brightlight Pictures, Sunlife Financial, McDonald’s, Wal-mart, and Goodwrench, just to name a few. We provide five major services for your business needs:

  1. Story Editing
  2. Film & TV Marketing
  3. Treatments
  4. Linear Editing
  5. Logos & Design

Our rates are competitive and we offer special discounts for new and repeat clients:

  1. Every new client receives 25% off of the first job.
  2. Both new and repeat clients receive 25% off a second contracted service.
  3. A client receives 25% off their next job for any new referred clients.

However, the most significant asset that we can offer, setting us apart from all other freelancers, is that we make every effort possible to help you succeed. We can’t succeed if our clients don’t succeed. We are all in this together.

Having worked in almost all aspects of the entertainment business for over seven years, our professional contacts include those who work in Film, TV, Fashion, Comic Books, Illustration, Graphic Design, Journalism, and Music. So specifically, we can serve as a MATCHMAKER at no additional cost. We understand that your job isn’t over when we complete contracted work. Thus, it is our mandate to ensure that you are assisted in the next step you need to make to push your project or business further to success.

Who Are We?

Jaded Media is Andrew Chung. Andrew’s services include Story Editing, Film & TV Marketing, Linear Editing, and Logos & Design. He is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Jaded Media is Melanie Chung. Melanie’s services include Treatments and Linear Editing. She is based in Toronto, Canada.

Jaded Media is Terence Chung and Miho Takahashi. Terence and Miho’s services include Logos & Design. They are based in Toronto, Canada.