Film & TV Marketing

Are you a screenwriter looking to garner interest in your project? Are you a filmmaker or production company trying to attain a distributor or sales agent for your film? Are you a distributor releasing a film? Are you a sales agent attending a film market? As an experienced Marketing Manager for a distributor and sales agent, Andrew can personally assure you that nothing (outside of the film or script itself) can sell a project as well as the artwork created for it. With the limited time that development and acquisitions executives have in their busy schedules, sometimes the artwork is the only thing used to judge a project to take it further down the company’s food chain.

" Andrew Chung is diligent, responsible and creative. We worked together on the marketing and sales of my recent feature film ONLY ( Andrew was a key creative part of the promotional materials for our Vancouver theatrical release and International Festival Tour including Sundance, Berlin, Cannes and Rome. Andrew would most definitely be an asset to any film production, marketing or sales team. " – Ingrid Veninger, Filmmaker, pUNK Films Inc. Canada

Andrew possesses an extensive body of artwork created for films all over the world and a broad graphic design background. From re-assembling, modifying, or revamping artwork, to creating artwork from scratch, Andrew can fulfill any of your film promotional needs – including theatrical posters, sell sheets, postcards, magazine ads, etc.


Sell Sheets